Winemaking Services


The enology is varietal when approaches the raw material conservatively. Knowing the cultivars potential, allows planning vinification protocols in detail to highlight the peculiarities of the grape. Making wine in varietal mode so lets get the best from starting grapes.

In particular there are several protocols in line with the objective to be achieved:

> Red wines and new wines ready to drink

> Red important wines
> Aromatic and varietal white wines

> aged white wines

> Sparkling wines

> Wines made from overripe grapes

To know more on the wine varietal follow the link below.


Markets and modern distribution follow the rules of the globalized world, and more and more becomes necessary consider international standards that form the basis of quality systems.
The planning and implementation of the documentation underlying quality systems are certainly useful for improving the company management  and  are indispensable when you want to approach the world of voluntary certification.

In this view anyone who wants to approach changing the mass distribution and want to have the credentials to be spent in the international arena can join:

HACCP system
Quality management system ISO 9001
Environmental Management System ISO 14001 
Product Certifications (BRC, IFS, etc.).


The process of knowledge of consumer requirements it's an indispensable tool to develop profitably the business.
Knowing the habits of consumers and compare our product with competing products it is the best way to establish a rational sales strategy suited to consumer group we want approach.
Study of the product, price, positioning in the market and people who use our wine is the basis for any choice of a commercial nature.
Market sensing, SWOT analysis and identification of the target company
Study of Marketing mix

> Range of business and structuring the design of new products
> Development of marketing of wine products using the appropriate channels activating integrated logistics processes
> Structuring of Corporate Communications
> Creating marketing database 
> Market research and consumer insight
> Legislative constraints and marketing
> Brand Management and product promotion