Who we are

C.Service SNC was founded in 2009 to provide consulting services in the field of viticulture and wine making, in Italy and abroad. We currently work important companies and customers and we are able to provide professional support for a modern Enology and Viticulture development, in order to obtain high quality products whether if the service is declined to small and medium wineries up to larger size companies.

With the experience gained in various sectors, ranging from the design of the vineyard to the design of bottling and packaging lines, C.Service is able to offer a 360 ° consulting in the wine industry, both in the technical and commercial sides.

Alberto Cugnetto CEO


- Vuneyards setup and management

- Winemaking advice on all kind of wines

- Company organization advice

- Due diligence activities for wineries and vineyards acquirements

- R&D in the winemeking and viticulture fields

- Marketing and wine promotion advice

- International cooperation in particular with China

- Quality management and auditing

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Dr. Alberto Cugnetto is a highly prepared professionist in viticulture and winemaking. Thanks also to his contribution during 2011-2012-2013 in North Western Albania winemaking has improved significanlty and different winemaking subjects have benefited of his work, realizing to make high quality products for the really first time.

10 DICEMBER 2013, Roland Leka chemist analyst on LVIA altrosviluppo -Skoder-Albania